Many individuals in Pennsylvania…

Take Advantage of Convenient Annual Flower Installation Services

Take Advantage of Convenient Annual Flower Installation Services

Dahlia Flowers in the Garden

Many individuals in Pennsylvania enjoy beautiful lawns that are thoughtfully landscaped with healthy green plants, a variety of flowers, and sometimes gardens and/or flower beds.

Our local landscaping company has been serving Pennsylvania communities for over 10 successful years. It is an excellent time of year to take advantage of affordable, reliable, and convenient annual flower installation services.

What Are Annual Flowers?

Annual flowers are blooms that complete their life cycle in just one growing season that typically runs from spring to fall. The life cycle of these gorgeous flowers begins with germination in spring, and ends with seed production in the fall.

After one growing season is completed, the annual flowers will die. However, the saved seeds can be planted in the ground when spring comes around again.

Before planting any flowers outside in your yard or garden, it is important to learn which annuals do well in your specific geographic region. Each region will have a growing zone that best nurtures the flowers.

When to Plant Annual Flowers in Pennsylvania

Avid gardeners and expert landscapers recommend getting familiar with the details of your specific growing zone before selecting your flowers. It is best to plant annual flowers in PA after Mother’s Day, which is the second Sunday in the month of May.

Most gardeners from Pennsylvania plant annuals around May 23rd after the last frost. This helps to ensure that the plants will have a full growing season to reach their full and most colorful potential to decorate your yard during the summer months and into early fall.

Types of Annual Flowers That Will Thrive in PA

Some examples of PA appropriate annual flower types that do well in this state include alyssum, begonia, cosmos, marigold, dusty miller, pansy, impatiens, petunias, geranium, snapdragons, verbena, and zinnia. There are plenty of other fantastic options as well.

When selecting your plants this spring, be sure to choose healthy and vibrant flowers with ample and strong roots for best results. These can be purchased at your local gardening center. Try to envision where you want each plant type. Choose a variety of blooms in complementary colors, then group flowers and plants by size for added drama, depth, and visual interest.

Schedule Annual Flower Installation Services

Many individuals lack the knowledge, time, or tools to maintain their flowers and other landscaping plants, shrubs, and trees. An easy solution is to take full advantage of a local landscaper’s annual flower installation services.

These botanical professionals can help you choose the right blooms, supplies, and will plant them for you. Each week, the team will weed and maintain your flowers, including other landscaping duties. You can learn more by contacting Pickel Landscape Group today!