Landscape lighting is to…

Enhance Your Curb Appeal with Landscape Lighting

Enhance Your Curb Appeal with Landscape Lighting


Landscape lighting is to your home what salt is to food–absolutely essential. It can literally lighten up a dark (and uninviting) environment. Instead of removing all outdoor lighting post the holiday season, it makes aesthetic sense to use landscape lighting strategically and give your
landscape the boost it deserves.

In this article, we will look at the top-3 landscape lighting tips you can leverage to enhance your landscape.

Three Killer Landscape Lighting Tips to Beautify Your Home

1. Use up-lighting for a more dramatic effect: Wish to make your outdoor porch more beautiful and elegant? Consider using lights on walls, trees, windows, and so on. For instance, putting up lights that purposely accentuate the trunks and canopy can add a beautiful and vibrant effect. This small strategy can help make your outdoor living space more beautiful and of course, functionally usable, particularly in the evening hours. You can add spotlights at strategic places (like stairs, for instance) to provide sufficient visibility once the sun goes down. Alternatively, you
can also moonlight–or down-light–certain trees for a contrasting effect.

For down-lighting, you’ll want to attach light fixtures under tree canopies and give your outdoor space a romantic look and feel as the light shines down. Let’s say that your outdoor porch is not well-lit. A landscape lighting professional will be able to provide the right kind of lighting options to brighten up the space. Driving these kinds of minor yet significant changes can make all the difference.

2. Think about your seating areas, pool area, and walkways: Another area where the right mix of landscape lighting can elevate the space's beauty multifold is your seating area, swimming pool section, and walkways line the property. Not only does it increase your property's aesthetic beauty but also makes it easy for people to move around the property with relative ease. For instance, to add a resort-like feel to your swimming pool area, consider using soft lights. You can enjoy a late-night drink or simply chill by the pool under the stars.

3. Factor in your driveway and your front yard: While there are plenty of opportunities to light up your back yard, your front yard poses lighting opportunities as well. You can pepper your driveway with spotlights and make the space more welcoming. You can also use a mix of dark and soft lights and add a sense of mystery to the front yard. As a pro tip, think about the “mood” you wish to recreate using the right lighting solutions, and then
start brainstorming on the ideas.

Installing the right kind of landscape lighting needs the expertise of a professional with a keen eye for design. If you are not quite sure where to begin, our experts at Pickel Landscape Group can help. Whether you want to improve your home’s appearance, make it more functionally appealing, or even just upgrade its safety, we provide value-driven landscape lighting solutions for all your landscape lighting needs.

Connect with us and give your outdoor space a thoughtful and beautiful touch.