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About Us

About Us

Owned locally by lifelong resident Michael Pickel.

Pickel Landscape Group’s goal is not only to be a resource to its community through education and support but also to design and maintain outdoor spaces for the residents of Southern Chester County and Northern Delaware. We have been praised by past clients for our ability to design to their needs and present ideas that are sustainable.

Pickel Landscape Group was created to address the outdoor needs of our local community. We continue to provide excellent customer service with 100% client retention year after year. Our dedicated office staff is prompt to answer questions while our field staff understands the expectations of our clients. Clients are appreciated and treated with respect which in turn rewards our hard work with referrals and growth!

Mike’s philosophy of giving the client value and honesty has gone a long way and has also created a company culture for team members to grow. From a spring cleanup and mulch to design and installation we appreciate any opportunity to propose

Pickel Landscaping Team

Our experienced and qualified team is here to help you! Our passion in life is anything and everything to do with Landscape and Design. We strive to meet all of our client requirements and we go above and beyond using best practices and the latest trends to bring a new life to your garden! Meet our team below, we look forward to meeting you!

About Us
About Us

Michael Pickel

  • Bachelors from Penn State in Landscape Contracting- Design-Build,
  • 15 years at PLG 20 years in the industry,
  • First Aid/CPR, 10 hour OSHA course,
  • Exercise, spending time with family, reading, learning new activities like archery.
About Us

Taylor Frech

Landscape Designer/Sales
  • Bachelors from Penn State in Landscape Contracting- Design-Build/ Minor Arboriculture,
  • 5 years at PLG, 7 years in Industry,
  • First Aid/CPR, OSHA 10 hour course, ALPD, DNLA,
  • Enjoys Hiking, baking, and spending time with family.

Pete Laxton

Project Manager
  • Bachelors from the University of Delaware in Economics Minor in Spanish,
  • 6 years at PLG 13 years in the industry,
  • ICPI Certified, First Aid/CPR, OSHA 10 hour course,
  • Enjoys Fishing, Basketball, and spending time with family in free time

Giovany Maldonado

Maintenance Team Leader
  • High School,
  • 6 years at PLG,
  • First Aid/CPR Certified,
  • Enjoys Fishing and Dancing.

Isau Santiago

Project Team Leader
  • 6 years at PLG 12 years in industry,
  • High School,
  • First Aid/ CPR Certified,
  • Enjoys Fishing and Baseball (plays shortstop).

Jonathan Cruz

Project Team Member
  • Project Team Member,
  • 1 year at PLG,
  • High School,
  • Enjoys fishing and music.

Mauricio Sanchez

Maintenance Team Member
  • 15 years at PLG, 20 years in the industry,
  • CPR/ First Aid Certified,
  • Collects hats and enjoys his time as a grandfather.

Gustavo Marquez

Maintenance Team Leader
  • 6 years at PLG,
  • High School,
  • First Aid/CPR Certified,
  • Enjoys football and gardening.

Jorge Cortes

Maintenance Team Member
  • 2 years at PLG,
  • High School,
  • Enjoys fishing and hunting.

Jamar Harris

Project Team Leader
  • 6 years at PLG 10 years in the industry,
  • High School,
  • First Aid/CPR Certified, 10 hour OSHA course,
  • Enjoys spending time with family and is an avid gamer.